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Turret Punch

Our CNC Turret Punch Press is ideal for repetitive component manufacture in sheet materials up to 6mm thick. This is a cost effective method of producing repetitive components which are made up of predominantly straight lines and holes.

We also have the technology of transforming relatively complex graphic or photographic images into punched patterns or perforated panels. Simple graphics can  be converted easily and efficiently into effective architectural perforated panels – talk to us about your concept for a quote.

With its fast set up time and high punch speed, it is a powerful and cost efficient way of cutting and punching out a wide variety of shapes from sheet panels.

Talk to us about our competitive pricing for exterior perforated panels  or for small run to large volume manufacture.

Machinery Specifications:

HSM Amada Turret Punch

Amada CNC Turret Punch

Amada Turret Punch

  • Maximum sheet size – up to 1270mm x 4000mm
  • 30 Tonne press capacity
  • 58 Tool stations – 4 indexible
  • Fast set up time
  • Hit rate – 360 hits per minute based on 3mm stroke at 25.4mm pitch
    or 290 hits per minute based on 8mm stroke at 25.4mm pitch.
  • Accuracy + or – 0.1mm
  • One reposition to a max of 3.2 gauge material
  • Can transform sheet panels into graphic images.





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We are looking for experienced and skilled tradesmen to join our team in Penrose. If you have experience in stainless steel welding, tank manufacture or CNC machine operation you are welcome to send your CV to info@hsmeng.co.nz

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