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Waterjet Cutting

Water jet cutting (either high pressure water or abrasive assisted) can cut a wider range of materials up to a greater thickness (up to 200mm thick) than other types of precision cutting. Water jet cutting uses no heat in the process so it is particularly suitable for cutting with no heat distortion or hardening of the material. A wide range of materials can be cut with the water jet – ranging from polystyrene, carpet, foam, titanium, stone, marble, glass, rubber, granite, carbon fibre, aluminium, kevlar etc.

To provide further cost efficiencies HSM can now combine both water jet and plasma cutting on the same component – plasma cutting for the less critical shapes and water jet cutting the details.

Machinery Specifications:


HSM water jet cutting

Water Jet Cutter

Cutting bed size – 6m x 3m
Materials – all metals, polystyrene, foam, carpet, stone, marble, glass, rubber, granite, carbon fibre, kevlar etc
Cut up to 200mm thickness on some materials
Option – greater cost efficiency combining plasma and water jet cutting on same component





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