HSM Location

434 Church St East, Penrose.
Note- this is not Church St. Church St East is off Great South Rd. Click here for our location map.

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Laser Cutting

With the recent addition of the latest technology 4kw Amada laser cutter from Japan, HSM and Laserstream, can lead the way in cutting technology and offer a complete cutting and finishing service to our customers.

With two laser cutters on offer in our new premises in Penrose, the option of laser cutting is fast, cost efficient and versatile. It is ideal for intricately detailed work or large fast component manufacture. The Amada laser cutter is engineered to provide high speed processing and ultra precise accuracy. The Profile laser has a cantilevered arm and open work area and is able to fit oversize sheets for greater flexibility.

Lasercutter Specifications

HSM Amada Laser Cutter
Amada 4kw Laser Cutter


Amada Laser Cutter
Cutting Area – 3m x 1.5m
4kw  laser output
Materials – Stainless Steel – up to 16mm thick
                  – Mild Steel – up to 20mm thick
                  – Aluminium – up to 10mm thick


Profile Laser Cutter
Cutting Area  – 3m x 1.5m
Materials – Stainless Steel – up to 8mm thick
                  – Mild Steel – up to 12mm thick
                  – Aluminium – up to 3mm thick
                 - Other materials – acrylic, polycarb, MDF, timber, plywood etc