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Stainless Fabrication

Based in our new large factory workshop in Penrose, we have the facilities and the people with fabrication experience to manufacture a wide range of industrial and architectural products. From cutting the components with our variety of latest in cutting technologies – laser, water jet, plasma, turret punch. Our long history in tank and vessel manufacturing has honed our skills in being able to turn our hand to just about anything in stainless steel.

In the industrial area we have manufactured large scale ducting and pipework, factory stairways, ladders, walkways, safety rails etc.

Our experience in fabricating for architectural requirements ranges from large volume production of metal panels for building cladding to sculptural stainless installations for the outdoors. We welcome your questions regarding your specific design requirements.

Please check out our specific pages on Architectural or Industrial fabrication  ,  Pipework and Ducting, Industrial Walkways and Stairs or get in touch to discuss any specific design /manufacturing requirement you may have.

Recent Work

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Work Opportunities :

We are looking for experienced and skilled tradesmen to join our team in Penrose. If you have experience in stainless steel welding, tank manufacture or CNC machine operation you are welcome to send your CV to info@hsmeng.co.nz

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