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Industrial Walkways & Stairways

HSM Handiplank TM Walkway and Stairway System

HandiplankTM is an economically priced walkway and stairway system ideal for high traffic locations in commercial and industrial premises. Unlimited applications include stairwells, industrial ladders, multi level platforms, catwalks, mezzanine floors and walkways.

    • Non- Skid Safety:
      The design of the HandiplankTM dimpled perforations ensure a non-skid surface. Ideal for use, instead of standard tread plate, which is slippery when wet.
    • Easy Cleaning:
      The raised dimples and holes allow for easy cleaning and excellent drainage, eliminating any water pooling on the surface.
    • High Strength:
      Maximum strength ensures extra rigidity and minimal weight.
    • Custom Manufacture:
      Available in standard lengths of 2, 2.5 or 3m or we can custom make to your specific requirements. Available in stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium.
    • Modular System:
      Each section of Handiplank can be modular to bolt and fit to other pieces for greater flexibility.
    • Economical:
      Talk to us at HSM Engineering for details on how competitively priced the Handiplank system is.


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