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Pipework & Ducting

We have expertise and experience in fabricating and manufacturing large scale custom ducting and pipework for a wide range of industries. Working with our customers from initial evaluation and engineering design, we work to supply the most effective solutions for each unique specification.

- Pipework – chemical, water supply or treatment etc
- Ducting and bends
- Chimney stacks
- Dairy and Schedule tubes
- Valve manifolds

Talk to us about your individual requirements and we would be happy to provide a competitive quote.


For a full range of images of recent work view  our industrial fabrication gallery page.


Recent Work

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Work Opportunities :

We are looking for experienced and skilled tradesmen to join our team in Penrose. If you have experience in stainless steel welding, tank manufacture or CNC machine operation you are welcome to send your CV to info@hsmeng.co.nz

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