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Standards Compliance

HSM has full and up to date certification and compliance for all quality and technical standards required for stainless fabrication and the manufacture of tanks and vessels. HSM has quality assurance systems that suit the requirements fo the different codes. If you require specialist QA we can develop this with you to suit your particular requirements.

Welding Standards covered include NZS 4703, ASME JX, AS/NZS2980

Pressure Vessels:
Pressure vessels – it is a legal requirement for any pressure vessel to be built to a designated code. HSM can advise, design and build pressure vessels to comply with Design Code AS 1210 .

Hazardous Materials:

The HSNO Act 1996 came into effect in NZ in 2001 and replaced the Dangerous Goods Act 1974, the Explosives Act 1957, Pesticides Act 1979 and the Toxic Substances Act.

To comply with HSNO as a Stationary Container Fabricator the company must meet the requirements for fabrication of stationary containers per the design standards and codes specified. An audit is completed of the companies documentation, library of standards, design drawings, structural checking procedures, stationary container designs, trade training qualification, trade supervision, fabrication procedures, testing procedures, quality assurance and quality control.

HSM builds tanks under the following Design Standards

-  AS 1692 ( Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids) certified to manufacture a maximum tank capacity of 150,000L
-  API620, API 650 (Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage) to a maximum tank capacity of 250,000L.




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Work Opportunities :

We are looking for experienced and skilled tradesmen to join our team in Penrose. If you have experience in stainless steel welding, tank manufacture or CNC machine operation you are welcome to send your CV to info@hsmeng.co.nz

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