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Brewing and Beverage

We have had a very long association in the wine beverage and brewing industry. HSM have provided tanks to some of New Zealand’s largest brewers and beverage producers.

  • Fermentation Tanks
  • Bright Beer Tanks
  • Wine Tanks
  • CIP Tanks
  • Syrup Tanks

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HSM have supplied tanks for various stages of dairy production.

When you need a reliable partner for the manufacturing of dairy tanks, contact the experts at HSM engineering.

  • Raw Milk Tanks
  • Treated Milk Tanks
  • Cream Tanks
dairy industry tank
food processing tanks


We help to create bulk processing solutions for food products to hygienic standards for small to large size food companies in New Zealand, processing raw ingredients into a final blended product with cooking, cooling, mixing.

  • Powder Hoppers
  • Cooking Tanks
  • Sugar Invert Tanks
  • Chocolate Mixing Tanks
  • Chocolate Melters

Water Treatment

We have assisted clients with several complex water treatment projects in New Zealand. We have the engineering capabilities and network to tackle your challenges.

  • Membrane Tanks
  • Holding Tanks
  • Chilled Water Tanks
water treatment tank
chemical and industrial tanks

Chemical and Industrial

We have assisted clients with several complex chemical processing projects in New Zealand. We have the engineering capabilities and network to tackle new challenges. We understand the need for HSNO compliance in the chemical industry and can provide HACCP support.

  • Paint Mixing
  • CIP Systems
  • Resin Mixing


We have expertise in the manufacture of sanitary, high-performance, insulated, multi-purpose vessels designed to perform a variety of processes — whether you need high-speed mixing or gentle blending, heating or cooling of a wide range of products including viscous materials, under pressure or vacuum.

CIP is critical in achieving optimum hygienic finish. Our vessels can be designed to ASME BPE standards and our experience with CIP ensures that the vessels will pass Riboflavin testing protocols.

  • Blending Tanks
  • Product Tanks
Pharmaceutical tanks

With HSM’s 40+ years of industry experience, we have you covered. From process design and manufacturing to project management and delivery.

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