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3d tank design


3D modelling and 2D drawings are developed using Autodesk Inventor, with direct export of parts for laser cutting or CNC machining. Where appropriate, we can incorporate your sketches and drawings in the final design, and we can provide 3D models of our assemblies for review or inclusion in your BIM system.

If your project involves the re-use or modification of existing tanks or vessels for which there is little historical information, we can assist with reverse engineering or retrospective review if required to meet compliance obligations or confirm suitability for re-use.

Drawings, calculations and Producer Statements or other regulatory approvals and certifications that may be required are kept on record along with a Manufacturers Data Report.

Welding Standards

Our fabrication team are experienced working to various standards and our welders are qualified to ASME IX and AS/NZS 1554.6.

HSM has a comprehensive library of qualified weld procedures and certification records. We maintain individual qualification records for each welder against these procedures, and produce a weld map for each tank or vessel manufactured.

Our qualified welding supervisor and inspector carries out and monitors our NDT procedures which include dye penetrant and ultrasonic weld inspection.

pressure vessels design

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels require a high level of expertise to manufacture. We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of various types of storage and process vessels to ASME 8 and AS1210. This includes conventional or dimple type jackets, or spiral coils, for heating and cooling of vessel contents.

Each pressure vessel design is fully documented with calculations, design verification and third-party inspection records, materials traceability and production records filed, and included in the Manufacturers Data Report as appropriate.

Hazardous Materials

The manufacture of vessels and tanks for the storage of hazardous materials requires specialist skills and experience, plus compliance with the required standards. HSM will work closely with your compliance certifier to ensure you have a storage or process vessel that complies with the relevant codes.

HSM is a WorkSafe certified designer for stationary and process containers, meeting the requirements for design and fabrication to API 620, API 650 and AS 1692. This certification covers our design process, trade training and qualifications, fabrication, test and inspection procedures, quality assurance and quality control.

With both engineering and operational backgrounds, our design team is familiar with requirements for separation distances, bunding, hazardous zoning and other factors that may influence a plant, process, or vessel design for hazardous materials, allowing these to be factored in at an early stage.

hazardous materials tanks and vessels
dimple jackets

Dimple Jackets

Dimple jackets are possibly one of the most efficient ways to heat or cool a product in a vessel. They are strong and versatile and add some rigidity to the tank wall, allowing for thinner materials to be used.

The dimples create small eddy currents in the heat transfer fluid, augmenting the heat transfer from the walls of the tank and increasing the rate at which the product can be cooled or heated. Dimple jackets are versatile in that they can handle many kinds of heat transfer medium, with propylene glycol, ethanol, hot water, chilled water, ammonia and steam being the most common.

While other types of jackets, for example, conventional ‘double skin’ or spiral coils, have advantages in some situations, dimple jackets are generally the most cost-effective solution.

With HSM’s 40+ years of industry experience, we have you covered. From process design and manufacturing to project management and delivery.

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