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process and mixing vessels

Process and Mixing Vessels

HSM are committed to meeting quality and the correct hygiene standards for the food processing and mixing equipment. We have experience in cooking vessels, powder blenders, chocolate mixing tanks and chocolate melters, including design and manufacture of mixers.

Storage Tanks and Silos

HSM is able to design and manufacture storage tanks, silos and hoppers for liquids and powders of up to 750,00L capacity. Heating or cooling, CIP, venting, tank top access, weighing and seismic design are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Attention is paid to explosion venting requirements for powered sugars and flours due to the potential risk of ignition from static build-up that can occur when filling or during operation of vibrators fitted to eliminate powder bridging. This often requires fitting certified explosion panels in addition to ensuring proper grounding or earthing of the tank.

storage tanks and silo
hazardous goods vessel

Hazardous Goods Vessels

The design and manufacture of vessels and tanks for the storage and processing of hazardous materials requires specialist skills and experience in identifying and applying the appropriate standards. HSM will work closely with your compliance certifier to ensure that your vessel complies with the relevant codes.

HSM is a WorkSafe certified fabricator for stationary and process containers, meeting the requirements for design and fabrication to API 620, API 650 and AS 1692. This certification covers our design process, trade training and qualifications, fabrication, test and inspection procedures, quality assurance and quality control.

Pressure Vessels

HSM has many years of experience manufacturing pressure vessels that comply with the required specifications and quality standards for pressure equipment such as ASME 8 and AS 1210.

Our experience and expertise in manufacturing various pressurised vessels include pressure pots, vacuum pots, pressure filters, air receivers and process vessels, along with hot water, steam or cooling jackets of conventional or dimple type.

Qualification of weld procedures and operators to the required standards also allows us to fabricate pressure pipework to the requirements of ASME B31 or AS4041.

pressure vessels equipment
membrane filtration

Membrane Filtration

We have manufactured a range of membrane water and wastewater treatment and filtration tanks on behalf of international technology providers for installation in New Zealand. These vary in size up to 12.5m L x 3.5m W x 3.6m H, with structural design complying with the stringent requirements for critical infrastructure.

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