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process pipework solutions

Process and Pipework Solutions

We offer a full process design of your project and have a dedicated Pipework and Site Services Team. They pride themselves on flexibility and can-do attitude.

Certifications and PPE, from Confined Space Access to Working at Heights, Hoists and Rigging.

Our quality control systems always ensure that our fabricators are expertly qualified for welding.

These are some of our offerings

  • Extensive experience in process design
  • Instrumentation and Automation
  • Pumps and Heat Exchange
  • Steam Systems
  • Pipework Installations
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Breakdown Response
  • Jacketing and Insulation
  • Leak Testing and Repair
  • Tank Transport, Rigging and Installation

Mild Steel Fabrication

Steelcraft Engineering Ltd since 1982

Steelcraft Engineering Ltd is a general engineering and structural steel fabricator. Their team oversee a range of projects that include fabrication and machining jobs, on site plant maintenance and machinery relocation.


steelcraft mild steel fabrication
industrial electrical testing

Industrial Electrical

Enterprise Electrical Ltd

Enterprise Electrical are a team of experienced industrial electricians. They serve Auckland’s manufacturing and processing industries.

They provide a full range of electrical automation, installation and maintenance services. They provide licensed industrial electricians specialising in wiring for new installations and servicing of existing manufacturing and processing machinery for our market leading customers.


Laser Cutting and Folding

Laserstream precision cutting and folding

They have over 50 years’ experience in the precision cutting of mild steel and stainless steel using fibre and CO2 lasers, and in the use of press brakes for folding.


laserstream laser cutter

With HSM’s 40+ years of industry experience, we have you covered. From process design and manufacturing to project management and delivery.

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